Once there was a god named Sh'all Nah. He sat on his throne and he was happy. Then he said, "I would like to view humerously written biographies of my favorite eccentric celebrities." Thus Interesting Motherfuckers was created, and Sh'all Nah was happy.

Then Sh'all Nah said, "With Interesting Motherfuckers I can read about my favorite eccentric celebrities. But what if I wish to read about the various entertainment products created by these celebrities?" Sh'all Nah's Grand Wizard, Marvin, thought long and hard. Then he created Motherfucking Masterpieces which you see before you. Read these articles. Learn from their wisdom. Perhaps one day you will become as powerful as Sh'all Nah.

Pickup  06/01/19
By John Saleeby
Concerned that gold digging blondes are out to take your money? So too was Hugo Haas, star of a little known pulp film from the fifties.

Trilogy of Terror 08/01/17
By John Saleeby
Karen Black may have starred in this 1970s horror romp but the breakout performance was delivered by the Little African Devil Doll!

Young, Loud and Snotty - The Dead Boys 06/01/17
By John Saleeby
Cleveland based Cheetah Chrome and Stiv Bators were onto something big when they laid down the tracks of the Dead Boys' magnum opus.

She Beast 05/01/17
By John Saleeby 
Everyone knows women are crazy but the lead character in this Micheal Reeves directed horror flick takes things to a new level.

Evilspeak 02/01/17
By John Saleeby
How is it that a grander than grand horror flick featuring Clint Howard and a gaggle of flesh eating pigs has remained under the radar for so long?

Curse of the Werewolf 11/01/17
By John Saleeby
Can Spanish werewolves strike fear in the hearts of men? They can when Oliver Reed is the man behind the makeup.

Eaten Alive 10/01/17
By John Saleeby
With the recent passing of film director Tobe Hooper hanging in the air, John takes a look at an under appreciated masterpiece. Perhaps he can figure out who is scarier: Neville Brand or a giant alligator.

The Glory Stompers 04/01/17
By John Saleeby
Revisit the dark period we call the late 1960s in this Dennis Hopper helmed biker flick. It's a world where life is cheap, women are easy and Casey Kasem is gay.

Kung Fury 12/01/16
By John Saleeby
If you're down and feeling blue then it is David Sandberg's Hitler-and-Viking-laden action/comedy that you must view. You know, to feel better and everything.

Intruder 10/01/16
By John Saleeby
Can a slasher movie set in a grocery store cut the mustard? It can and does as well as cutting plenty of faces and flesh. Welcome the return of a lost horror masterpiece!

'Johnny the Fox' by Thin Lizzy 09/01/16
By John Saleeby
"After recording their hit album 'Jailbreak' Phil Lynott and company regrouped to produce a lesser known recording. Has it flourished with the passing of time?

Pin 07/01/16
By John Saleeby
A little known 1980s horror flick out of Canada showcased how one family member's delusional view of the world affected his relations. Terry O'Quinn of Lost and The Stepfather fame guest-starred.

Radio K.A.O.S 06/01/16
By Wil Forbis
After leaving mega-group Pink Floyd, songwriter Roger Waters created a little known masterpiece, one still making waves. Radio waves that is.

The Killers 05/01/16
By John Saleeby
Lee Marvin climbed to the top of the heap of tough guys while starring in black drama about cold blooded hit men. Ronald Reagan, about to make the leap into politics, co-starred.

Messiah of Evil
By John Saleeby
In this classic gorefest from the 70s, young women easily fall prey to flesh-easting zombies. But is the real attraction the sage and thoughtful creature known as the Cross Eyed Albino Zombie?

The Pit 12/01/15
By John Saleeby
John ruminates on a classic 70's horror flick while also contemplating Mark Twain, Forrest Gump, Fellini and the pains of adolescence. Yep, it's all in there.

The Buzzcocks' Singles Going Steady 10/01/15
By John Saleeby
Considering killing yourself? One listen to The Buzzcocks classic collection of British punk should cheer you right up!

My Friend Dahmer 09/01/15
By John Saleeby
Jeffrey Dahmer's high school classmate, cartoonist Derf Backderf, penned a graphic novel that explores the environment that lead to the creation of one of modernity's most infamous killers. Could the menace of Dahmer been prevented?

Ms. Tree 08/01/15
By Wil Forbis
A lucky discovery of bargain comics leads to a renewed loved affair with Ms. Tree, the female private dick who had no qualms about blowing away the bad guys.

The Stepfather 05/01/15
By John Saleeby
Years before 'Lost', Terry O'Quinn starred in the horror flick that tore apart the modern family. Literally.

Saving Silverman 04/01/15
By John Saleeby
Recall, now, the era when Jack Black was the funniest man alive and Jason Biggs still had a film career. Are such days lost forever?

The Savage Sword of Conan 03/01/15
By Wil Forbis
Marvel Comics' magazine version of Robert E. Howard's barbarian stories featured high art, lusty titallation, and delightful violence and gore. But it also offered a genuine rumination on the nature of civilization.

So Alone by Johnny Thunders 10/01/14
By John Saleeby
John tries to hip the squares to the ultimate album of uptown seventies rock. Get a load of the cast of celebrities that appear on this thing!

Downfall 09/01/14
By John Saleeby
John mines the infamous cinematic account of Hitler's last days, searching for hilarity. Don't let the mass suicide bring you down.

The Immortalist 08/01/14
By Wil Forbis
Alan Harrington's meaty rumination on mankind's burning desire for eternal life exists somewhere between genius and insanity.

Battle Royale 06/01/14
By John Saleeby
Saleeby revisits the now classic Japanese dystopia flick about gangs of armed teenagers forced to do battle. Is this the film to which The Hunger Games owes its success?

The Day The Earth Stood Still 04/01/14
By John Saleeby
John spares no spoilers while discussing the sci-fi Armageddon classic, but he's man enough to realize that Gort is the best robot around!

Cindy and Donna 02/01/14
By John Saleeby

Saleeby scrutinizes the sexploitation showpiece that exposed the HYPOCRISY OF SOCIETY!!!

The Last Dragon 07/01/13
By Wil Forbis

Berry Gordy's 80s urban kung fu flick starring Taimak and Vanity was the end result of black audiences' decades long love affair with kung fu movies and Bruce Lee.

Brain Damage 04/01/13
By Johnny Apocalypse
After enjoying the cult success of his weirdo grindhouse cinema piece "Basket Case," director Frank Henenlotter presented a strange but captivating rumination on the effects of addiction.

"Queen" by Queen 09/01/12
By John Saleeby
Saleeby was always a fan of the classic of rock band Queen but it's taken him 35 years to give their first album its due.

Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos 05/01/12
By John Saleeby

In the classic Marvel comic book "Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos", brawling bruiser Nick Fury traded quips with Nazis while leading his memorably named team of army officers through the landscape of World War II.

Batman: Hush 03/01/12
By Johnny Apocalypse
Johnny lays down the case that artist Jim Lee and writer Jeph Loeb created the greatest Batman story ever told. (It's a bit like the greatest story ever told, but with more Batman.)

The Painted Bird 09/01/11
By John Saleeby
With The Painted Bird, author Jerzy Kosinski gruesomely rendered the landscape of eastern Europe as it existed during World War II. But Saleeby can't help but notice a distinct lack of cannibalism.

It's Alive! 05/01/11
By John Saleeby
Director Larry Cohen was the king of low-budget 70s exploitation films. Perhaps his greatest triumph was a fable about a little baby with fangs! Cute!

Piranha 03/01/11
By Wil Forbis
Released in 2010, Piranha perfectly encapsulated the prototypical horror film using a deft combination of humor, gore, villainous monsters and lots and lots of boobies.

From a Compound Eye by Bob Pollard 09/01/10
By John Saleeby
The former front man for indie rock kings Guided by Voices produced a stellar solo debut in 2006. Saleeby stops fantasizing about Jennifer Love Hewitt long enough to offer a review.

Prince's "Dirty Mind" and "Controversy" 08/01/10
By Wil Forbis
In the early 1980s, the music chameleon Prince released two consecutive albums that smoked with raw funkiness as well as laying the groundwork for the rest of his career.

The Funhouse 06/01/10
By John Saleeby
Director Tobe Hooper, riding high from his success with "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," delivered the goods in a romp through a carnival of horrors.

Darktown Strutters 02/01/10
By John Saleeby
If "Darktown Strutters" is such a great Blaxploitation movie, why is Saleeby spending all his time writing about pasty white guys?

State of Confusion 01/01/10
By John Saleeby
Saleeby makes the case that the twisted mindset of a weary British rock star intersected with the brain of a punk army grunt at the nexus of this classic power pop album.

Targets 12/01/09
By John Saleeby
In the late 60s, B-movie king Roger Corman gave Peter Bogdanovich his first chance to peer into the camera lens. The result, featuring Boris Karloff, was a grim narrative of end-of-decade paranoia.

Galaga 10/01/09
By Wil Forbis

Why has a straightahead space shoot 'em up lasted where so many of its contemporaries failed? Acid Logic launches an important investigation.

The Signal 10/01/09
By John Saleeby

One might think clever plot twists and a frothy combination of science fiction and horror are what make this direct to video release stand out. But Saleeby argues for the underrated Jim Parsons factor.

The Virgin Suicides
By John Saleeby
Sofia Coppola may only have three films to her credit, but everyone's a winner. John takes a look at her debut.

Blade Runner: The Video Game 3/01/09
By Johnny Apocalypse
Mr. Apocalypse remains unconvinced about the merits of the "Blade Runner" movie. The video game, however, has earned his respect and gratitude.

Planet Terror 01/01/09
By John Saleeby
Robert Rodriguez's modern grindhouse classic gave Bruce Willis a much-needed opportunity to stretch his thespian wings and introduce the "goop zombie."

The Dictators' Go Girl Crazy 12/01/08
By John Saleeby
Come hear the band that glued together the era of Iggy and the Stooges with the era of the Sex Pistols. And don't forget to dodge the falling potatoes.

Escape From New York 10/01/08
By Johnny Apocalypse

Zoloft? Xanax? Nothing beats depression like John Carpenter's futuristic tale of renegade Snake Plissken and his adventures in the urban jungle.

Buffalo '66 08/01/08
By John Saleeby
Saleeby has just discovered the classic "loser film" directed by Vincent Gallo and he's going to sing it from the mountain tops!

Cheaters 06/01/08
Philanderers beware! The late-night reality TV show specializes in punishing lovers gone astray.

Shallow Hal 03/01/08
By Wil Forbis
To lesser mortals, Jack Black's Shallow Hal might've seemed a superficial comedy farce. But to the trained eye, it was one of the most profound dissections of the politics of beauty Hollywood has ever rendered.

Homestar Runner 03/01/08
By Johnny Apocalypse
So hip, it's square! Johnny gives an introduction to the happeningest cartoon website on the net!

Petey Wheatstraw, the Devil's Son In Law 02/01/08
By John Saleeby
How is it that acid logic has featured numerous iterations of our February Blaxploitation issue and never reviewed a Rudy Ray Moore movie? Saleeby amends this atrocity.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch 02/01/08
By Johnny Apocalypse
Do you wander the streets alone, scoffed at by friends and family for your firm belief that the third installment in John Carpenter's "Halloween" horror series is not a piece of crap? Fear not, my friend, because Johnny Apocalypse is here to defend your cause.

Altered States 01/01/08
By John Saleeby
In William Hurt's first film, director Ken Russell showed the word what it takes for a man to find his inner monkey. (Hint: It takes a lot of drugs and a sensory deprivation tank.)

Stir of Echoes 10/01/07
By John Saleeby
John calls the reader's attention to what makes Kevin Bacon the greatest American hero.

Midnight Blue 5/01/07
By Wil Forbis
In 1975, "Screw" magazine publisher Al Goldstein took to the cable airwaves to create the first porn-centric television talk show.

Freaks and Geeks/Arrested Development 3/01/07
By Wil Forbis
It's a double whammy as acid logic examines two shows killed off by the grunting, groaning, unthinking American public. But hey, we've still got "According to Jim"!

The Man with the Getaway Face 2/01/07
By Johnny Apocalypse
Richard Stark's antihero, Parker, the character behind Mel Gibson's "Payback", struggles to get the green and get away with it.

The Replacements "Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash" 12/01/07
By John Saleeby
Saleeby is well known for his groundbreaking article on the garage rocking Stinson brothers. Now he takes a look at their first album.

Slayer's "Reign in Blood" 11/01/06
By Wil Forbis
Is the greatest thrash metal album of all time also a Christmas classic? Remember, "Santa" is just an anagram of "Satan".

Sgt. Rock 11/01/06
By John Saleeby
The star of the most successful war comic in history, Sgt. Rock, led the war weary crew of Easy Company against Hitler and his fiendish minions.

The Blob (1988) 10/01/06
By Johnny Apocalypse
Johnny reviews not the classic Steve McQueen horror flick but the neo-campy 1988 remake starring Kevin Dillion, Shawnee Smith and a certain un-named gelatinous thespian.

House 09/01/06
By John Saleeby
No, not the stupid Hugh Laurie TV series. Saleeby explores the classic comedic spookfest that brought together the triumphant team of Katt and Wendt!

Steve Miller's Book of Dreams 06/01/06
By Johnny Apocalypse
Never thought you'd see the words "Steve Miller" and "Motherfucking Masterpiece" in the same sentence? Johnny makes the case.

Phantom of the Paradise 06/01/06
By John Saleeby
In 1974, director Brian Depalma released a tale of human deformity, crazy rock music and demented, short, blonde men onto an unsuspecting American public. John Saleeby was there.

Husker Du's Warehouse 05/01/06
By John Saleeby
Check out the album that saved Saleeby from going insane. Well, from going more insane than he already is.

In the Mouth of Madness 03/01/06
By Johnny Apocalypse Years before The Matrix, Director John Carpenter mixed H.P. Lovecraft with the philosophy of David Hume to come up with a movie that questioned the nature of reality.

The Mack 02/01/06
By John Saleeby
While shooting blaxploitation classic "The Mack" director Michael Campus had to deal with pimps, gangsters and worst of all - Richard Pryor.

Green Acres 01/01/06
By John Saleeby
It took a tired bunch of radio comedy writers to create the television show that had 60's America flipping its wig.

Iggy Pop's Party 12/01/05
By John Saleeby
Saleeby dissects the album that tried to resurrect the vomit stained career of the punk rocker from Detroit.

The Lawnmower Man 12/01/05
By Johnny Apocalypse
In between Remington Steele and 007, Pierce Brosnan tried to save the world from virtual reality gone mad.

Twisted Tales 08/01/05
By Wil Forbis
In the 1980's, editor Bruce Jones revived the spirit of the classic E.C. pulp comics with a short lived anthology series that was equal parts exploding heads and naked teenagers.

Deathdream 07/01/05
By John Saleeby
In 1972 the last thing the world needed was a movie about a Viet Nam vet coming home and turning into a homicidal maniac. But thanks to director Bob Clark that's just what the world got.

Chris Isaak's Speak of the Devil 06/01/05
By Johnny Apocalypse
Is Chris Isaak more than just another pretty face? Johnny takes a look at his musical masterpiece.

Heavy Metal 05/01/05
By Wil Forbis
Hey, how come Walt Disney never made animated films with large breasted vixens and gobs of blood spurtin' violence?

Scanners 04/01/05
By Johnny Apocalypse
What made David Cronenberg's tale of psychic warfare a masterpiece? Two words: exploding heads.

Red Dawn 03/01/04
By Wil Forbis and John Saleeby
Was John Millius' classic "kids against commies" flick an anti-war film in disguise? And what would have happened had it been directed by John Hughes?

Sweet Sweetback's Baad Asssss Song 02/01/04
By Wil Forbis
Melvin Van Pebbles "masterpiece" kicked off the blaxsploitation movement and paved the way for Shaft, Superfly and Foxy Brown.

Synchronicity 11/01/04
By John Saleeby
John dissects the Goon Show influence on this classic 80's new-wave album album and answers the age old question: Is Sting an asshole?

The Goon Show 08/16/04
By John Saleeby
The assembled genius of Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe produced the radio show that paved the way for "Monty Python" and "The Young Ones."

The Family Guy 06/01/04
By John Saleeby
Now that the once cancelled animated cult comedy is set to return, John can continue fixating on Peter Griffin's scrotum-nose.

The Big Lebowski 04/16/04
By John Saleeby
Saleeby breaks down and rents a Coen brothers film leading to pontifications on the differences between "silly" and "quirky."

This is Spinal Tap 04/01/04
By Xander Horlyk
Finally, the MM everybody knew had to happen! Xander takes a look at the most acclaimed cult film of our times.

Car Wash 02/16/04
By John Saleeby
After watching the definitive Blaxploitation comedy there's only one question left to ask: "Gee! Who woulda thought that working in a car wash could be so much fun?"

Revenge of the Nerds 02/01/04
By Wil Forbis
Wil offers a free-form rumination of the film that defined "Nerd rights" and defends it from the criticisms of mean ol' Harvey Pekar.

Ed Wood 12/16/03
By John Saleeby
Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" shed light on the worst movie director of all time. But amidst the atomic supermen and angora sweaters was a man desperate to make his visions come true.

The Cars 12/01/03
By John Saleeby
Nope, that ain't a UFO landing on your front lawn. It's the 1978 debut album from new-wave rock and rollers, The Cars. Was it as good as the Velvet Underground?

The Breakfast Club 09/16/03
By John Saleeby
John reflects on the film that had a dream. A dream of jocks, nerds, prom queens, rebels and weirdos all holding hands and riding off into the sunset.

Bloom County 07/16/03
By Wil Forbis
Were Opus, Bill the Cat and the rest of the Bloom County gang simply wisecracking characters on the comics page or subversive radicals determined to undermine the status quo?

Sid and Nancy 06/16/03
By Wil Forbis

Alex Cox's ethereal love story brought out the smack addict in all of us. And helped define the icon of "Saint Sid."

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 06/01/03
By Cody Wayne

The quintessential stoner film of the eighties, "Bill and Ted's" was trying to do more than entertain movie theater rubes. It was trying to save all of humanity! Did it work? Only time will tell.

Dino: Living High In The Dirty Business Of Dreams 05/16/03
By John Saleeby
John examines Nick Toshes' biographical masterpiece and determines that American culture reached its epoch in one man: Dean Martin.

Beavis and Butthead 05/01/03
John Saleeby
John takes gander at the twin terrors of the cartoon world. Heh... you said "gander!"

Repo Man 03/16/03
Wil Forbis
Packed with dead aliens, punk rock angst and Harry Dean Stanton in the role of his career, Alex Cox's cinematic masterpiece defined the term "cult film." Hey, did you just say, "plate of shrimp?"

For more Movie/Book/Album reviews, check out Forbisthemighty.com. (All reviews by Wil Forbis.)

KIDS - Dir: Larry Clark
Final Destination II - Starring: Ali Larter

Dogtown and Z-Boys - Dir: Stacy Peralta
Beautiful Creatures - Dir: Bill Eagles
Bad Girls Go To Hell - Dir: Doris Wishman
Celebrity - Dir: Woody Allen
Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Judy Davis,

Dick - Starring Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams
X-Men - Starring: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen
Shaft - Starring: Samuel L. Jackson

Black And White - Starring: Brooke Sheilds, Ben Stiller
Final Destination - Starring: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter
American Pie -Starring: Jason Biggs, Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein
Drop Squad- Exec. Prod: Spike Lee, starring Eriq LaSalle, Ving Rhames
She's All That- Starring: Rachel Leigh Cook
Last Man Standing- dir: Walter Hill
The General's Daughter- Dir: Simon West
Evil Dead II- Dir: Sam Raimi

The Wild Angels 03/02/03
By John Saleeby
Watching "The Wild Angels" on DVD will do more than just entertain you with scenes of sexy titillation and mindless violence. It'll give you new ways to insult the French!

Dead Presidents 02/01/03
By Wil Forbis
Albert and Allen Hughes' magnum opus may be a stunning cinematic look at what can drive men to kill - but does it deserve to be called "blaxploitation"?

Ramones 01/16/03
By John Saleeby
John breaks down the work of a little known musical group called the Ramones. But is he discussing the group itself, or their self titled debut album? It's one of life's little mysteries.

Robocop 12/16/02
By John Saleeby
Robocop, a film about a man who is killed and comes back to life as a gun toting, half human robot police offficer could be the most unique movie premise of all time - aside from Robocop II and III.

Falling Down 11/01/02
By Wil Forbis
In a back and forth dialogue with a simpering liberal, Wil analyzes the Michael Douglas movie that gave voice to the Angry White Male in all of us.

Office Space
By Wil Forbis
Mike Judge may have garnered fame and hatred as the creator of "Beavis and Butthead," but his best work is this little known movie send up of the modern desk job.

Maximum Overdrive 09/16/02
By Cody Wayne
Cody gives the lowdown on the Steven King horror masterpiece loathed by critics but loved by fans of death and destruction.

Mr. Bungle 09/01/02
By Wil Forbis
Get to know the album that inspired tens, even dozens of musicians to become aggro/metal/funk fanatics. Then send in the clowns!

Body Count08/01/02
By Cody Wayne
MM is the new Acid Logic section dedicated to providing seasoned analysis of the albums, books and movies that are key to an understanding of Acid Logic culture. Cody kicks it off with a look at the first album from heavy metal troublemakers, Body Count.

Shape Shifting and Ass Kicking: A Look at John Carpenter's "The Thing"
By Cody Wayne
Cody gives the Acid Logic seal of approval to the horror classic containing "the spookiest performance by any canine."