What's New at Acid Logic - 07/01/18

Still More John Saleeby Predicts the Future
By John Saleeby
Saleeby is once again gazing into his crystal ball to see what the future holds. Dare you join him to find out?

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The Future’s Not as Good as It Used to Be
By Wil Forbis
Have you been counting on the future to deliver super-automobiles, medical breakthroughs and thinking computers? Keep waiting.

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Reel Advice: Unnatural
By Steve Anderson
You should expect chills from a horror film set in frozen Alaska but Steve finds this monster flick too derivative to take seriously.

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From the Archives: IM: Flipper
By Pete Moss
Years ago, Pete penned a look at classic San Fran punk band Flipper. (Note: Pete's "Irish" serial will return next ish.)

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