What's New at Acid Logic - 03/05/17

I Guess Ace Frehley Was Busy
By John Saleeby
Numerous big name guitar heroes are throwing together a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. Can the Hendrix legacy survive?

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We Seem Quite Inconsistent On This
By Wil Forbis
If we are going to damn Milo Yiannopoulos for his comments on child sex then we should be damning a lot of other celebrities as well.

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Reel Advice: Cell
By Steve Anderson
Steve is all thumbs up for a Stephen King movie that explores the distinct terrors of the modern age

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IM: Sam Peckinpah
By Wil Forbis
We represent a classic acid logic article for your reading pleasure. Learn up on "Bloody Sam," the film director who loved violence almost much as he loved cocaine and women!

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FINALLY - A NEW 2012 EPISODE: Guest Host: John Saleeby
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John revives the Acid Radio brand while reviewing an interesting new music selection produced by one of today's happening youth!

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