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Walt Disney Was A Good Guy And You're Just A Bunch Of Punks
By John Saleeby
How the tides have turned against the entertainment mogul of yesteryear. John defends Disney from the modern assault put forth by the acolytes of Avery and Jones.
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Unappreciated Babes of Cartoons
By Wil Forbis and John Saleeby
What guy needs a real woman when he could have a buxom cartoon gal? Acid Logic showcases some of the sexiest, ink-drawn ingenues out there. And, no, Jessica Rabbit ain't one of them!
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Irish Pt. 19
By Pete Moss
Pete's urban adventure again pauses to give a dog's-eye view of the world.
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Reel Advice: Justice League: War
By Steve Anderson
In time for the AL cartoon issue, Steve reviews a recent animated flick featuring the heroes of the D.C. Comics universe.
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Appreciate some unappreciated cartoon babes

Gadzooks! It's the Acid Logic All-Cartoon Issue!



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