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Are You a Hive Mind?
By Wil Forbis
We presume ourselves to be autonomous entities who determine our own fates. But are influences found both deep in our minds and in the external world exacting their control on us?
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MM: The Killers
By John Saleeby
Lee Marvin climbed to the top of the heap of tough guys while starring in black drama about cold blooded hit men. Ronald Reagan, about to make the leap into politics, co-starred.
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Irish Pt. 19
By Pete Moss
Pete's urban adventure again pauses to give a dog's-eye view of the world.
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Reel Advice: Hollows Grove
By Steve Anderson
Steve discovers a recent found footage ghost flick that packs genuine scares and features the acclaimed thespianism of Lance Henrikson.
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Are you a Hive Mind?

Are you a Hive Mind?



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