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George Romero: 1940 - 2017
By John Saleeby
Saleeby waves a fond farewell to the horror movie auteur who gave us boatloads of killer zombies. And one monkey.

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The Reaction of White Liberals to "Get Out"
By Wil Forbis
Is "Get Out" more than a fun, silly horror film? Or are its fans seeing what they want to see.

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Irish pt. 28
By Pete Moss
With a gun waving madman behind them, the team makes the move to sunny San Diego.
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Reel Advice: The Belko Experiment
By Steve Anderson
What happens when you trap dozens of people in a building and demand that they kill each other? Let's just say it's not good.
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George Romero, Master of Zombies

Say goodbye to George Romero!




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