Saturday, September 02, 2006


I have been travelling around Scandinavia - marvellous place! I have been living a log cabin, high up in the Norwegian Fjords and generally pottering around cities and spending far too much time on overpriced trains.

It has been notably reinforced that my sense of direction is shameful, my command of Scandinavian languages is appalling and i apparently lack the self-preservation instincts of a normal human being, as i am constantly injuring myself. Yet my trip didn't end in hospitalisation (or incarcaration for that matter.)

Anyway, i have been checking out lots of arty type things... highlights include: the picasso exhibition in Gothenburg and the sculpture garden in oslo.

Btw if you're remotely interested - here are some little heard of good artists - Albert Edelfelt - finnish chap, a little hit and miss but some impressive portraits. Jacek Yerka - intriguing, dali-esque, fantasy artist from Poland - i usually have little time for fantasy artists or polish people, but Mr. Yerka is rather an exception.

Also, really fit looking men in Scandinavia - beautiful men, cheekbones you could slice ham with! Amazingly dashing and graceful.


wil said...

Goddamn you Europeans and your 6 week vacations.

4:53 PM  
MarkC said...

Tarryn has been gone for a long time now. She can't still be at that Jihad training camp.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous said...

Boy am I bored reading this old entry. Let's hear about your trip to Rome where you met the wondrous wizard of wonk and words Wil Forbis at the beginning of 2007.

10:04 PM  

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